Haywire & Co., llc Custom Automotive Wiring
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Haywire & Co.,llc
8324 Adams Lane
Hilliard, Ohio 43026 
Phone 844-851-1932

Wiring Looms and Wire Ties

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Tape, Cold Shrink

Tape, Cold Shrink  Only $18.50 

Mounting Tab Cable Ties

Mounting Tab Cable Ties  Only $10.00 

Nylon Ties 100 Pack

Nylon Ties 100 Pack  Only $6.00 

Quiet Split Loom

Quiet Split Loom  Only $4.00 

Rubber Grommet Assortment

Rubber Grommet Assortment  Only $10.00 

Therma Shield Split Loom

Therma Shield Split Loom  Only $4.50